Posted by Reena Parbhu on Aug 18, 2019
Petra Pearce, NIWA’s climate scientist will be talking to us about climate change and what to expect for the future.
  • What does climate change mean for New Zealand?
  • What does climate change mean for Auckland?
  • Come along to Rotary on 2nd October and find out.
Petra is the Manager of NIWA’s Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards platform. She works closely with Chief Scientist - Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards (Dr Andrew Tait) to manage NIWA’s stakeholder relationships in the climate change space, set strategic research directions for the Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards platform, and support NIWA scientists.
She is involved with providing climate change guidance and data to local government, iwi and businesses and regularly speaks to community and industry groups, schools and local government about climate change impacts. She is involved with efforts to make NIWA’s climate change work more accessible to the public, through digital formats (website, video), media, and outreach.
She is a contributing author of the IPCC Sixth Assessment WGII Report, a member of the WMO Expert Team on Climate Data Management Systems, and the Auckland Vice President of the New Zealand Meteorological Society.
She is currently seconded part-time to DOC, working on a climate change adaptation action plan.