Posted by Joyti Singh on Aug 13, 2019
Rotary Club of Auckland Harbourside and Education First Trust – Joint Project Dictionary in Fiji 2019
2019 Dictionary distribution went extremely well. Volunteers were Joyti & Sursen Singh, Gill & Grant Cossey, Helen Parker, Vidya Nand & Ranjit Singh. From Monday 29 July 2019 to Thursday 01 August 2019 we delivered total of 1085 dictionaries to schools in Ba, Tavua, Vatukoula, Nadarivatu , Ra and Nadi (Masimasi and Sabeto Primary Schools). In addition, we provided 21 books to Peter Drysdale for students in Koroipita Community in Lautoka.
This year we had adequate volunteers and vehicles to undertake distribution more efficiently and within set time frame. We worked hard and also had lots of fun during this week. Volunteers were motivated and dedicated to the project.
We have now completed 5 years doing this project which is just an amazing hands on project. We know these dictionaries are very much needed by these rural schools in Fiji. One Head Teacher said in his thank you speech: “This is the Best dictionary for these children as it is no ordinary dictionary, it has over 1000 pictures with illustrations which makes it so much easier for these children’s learning”.
Very positive feedback has been received from Malake Village Island School in Rakiraki we visited on this trip. This school had been given these dictionaries last year. The Principal told us that they had kept the books in the school library so that not just the Year 5 students, but all year levels students get the benefit of them and already they were seeing good results.  This way, even the older students in the school would get the benefit as well as the Year 5 students.
For us volunteers, this is the most satisfying hands on project we have been doing and will continue to distribute these Rotary Dictionaries to the beautiful children in the Rural Schools in Fiji.
We also note that the Ministry of Education in Fiji are now taking more interest in this project and hopefully they will add this dictionary to the School’s curriculum in future.
Joyti Singh
Member - Rotary Club of Auckland Harbourside
Chairperson – Education First Trust
12 August 2019
Photo Gallery:
The Team of 7 Volunteers
Marist Convent School Vatukoula – awesome welcome by the whole school students
Vidya in action
Helen in action
One of the many Rural Schools we visited
On our way to Malake Village Island School in Rakiraki
Volunteers walking to Malake Village Island School Rakiraki
Best views in Rakiraki
Chilling after a hard day’s work
Farewell Rakiraki
Coconut break
Stunning views in Rakiraki