Purpose of the project:
The Auckland Branch of NZCOM [NZ College of Midwives], which is the professional body of Midwives working in the Auckland Region from Warkworth in the north to Franklin District, and its surrounds in the South.  Lead Maternity Caregivers [LMC], who provide direct care to women and families of this region, are very aware of issues providing for some families, particularly in South Auckland.  Many are struggling to provide food for their families as well as basic living, and with a new baby to contend with as well.  With COVID-19, instead of resting for a day or two in hospital, which is the norm, they are choosing early discharge - soon after birth. 
How will this project meet the needs of the community:
To provide for the nutrition of new mothers and their whanau [family], and to assist with the purchase of nappies which are a big expense for families.
Due to the effects of CV19, there is much more hardship with loss of jobs, resulting in  income loss.  This financial hardship combined with already constrained resources and in some instances, overcrowding, puts another layer of stress and anxiety onto families trying to just provide basic living for survival.  It is also at a time of year when chest infections/colds/flue become problematic.  New Born babies are also at higher risk of developing bronchiolitis, which in turn requires hospitalisation. 
Mothers with insufficient diet are unable to breast feed their babies properly to prevent these infections and this compounds the problem.
Rotarians kindness and generosity will touch many women and their family’s lives.
A grocery voucher will be hugely beneficial & appreciated by the most neediest of our families. 20 x $100 would be $2000 regardless of banner (New World, Pak n Save or Four Square) mix and match.