Hi All,
When we are registered with Rotary International as a member of Rotary, it is mandatory that our membership includes receiving a Rotary magazine. 
To this end, when the club pays our subscriptions to the District, for each six months of the year, the cost of our receiving a Rotary magazine is included.  In our case the magazine is the Rotary Down Under, which gives us an insight into what is happening in our regions as well as the worldwide Rotary family.
We now have a choice of receiving the monthly magazine electronically OR, using snail mail and receiving the magazine in our hands. 
Would each of you please reply to me, by return email, as to which is your preference - receiving the RDU magazine electronically or hard copy.  
Many of you busy people may prefer, and will often take the opportunity, to read the magazine electronically.
I, for one, prefer to have the physical magazine in my hands - that way I can share particular articles of interest with friends and family when they are around.  
In the name of Rotary, I look forward to 30 replies to my request!
Club Secretary
Auckland Harbourside Rotary
021 118 3076