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“Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living." – Albert Einstein
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Vidya Nand
My Dear Rotary Friends.
Thank you once again to so many of our Rotary Club friends for joining the ZOOM meeting. I am aware a number could not join us for very valid reasons. Surely you will be there next time. Special thanks for joining us from Japan for each meeting.
We had a very detailed discussions at the board meeting one day prior and this was all discussed at the club zoom meeting.
We shared a very important message from the Rotary International president Holger Knaak.  The full message is printed below. He announced that the African Region of 47 countries have been certified wild polio virus FREE. He acknowledged the invaluable part played by all Rotarians in achieving this Result.
We also received a thankyou letter from the Ronald MacDonald House for what our club had done to support them. I remember the Chinese New Year fund raising donated approx. $75,000 to them.
Thanks to Johnny Chueng for clearing our mailbox weekly and organizing the monthly social dinners. If anyone wishes to arrange a social dinner, please talk with Johnny.
A few dates have been changed. Membership night has changed from 16th Sept to 28 October. The club Birthday has been to 16th September. The DG visit is still on the 7th October. Claire Eyes from Mid Wife will be our Guest speaker on the 14th October and be presented with a cheque. 
The trustees have got together and approved some moneys urgently required.
  • $1000 for Make a Wish (approved last year)
  • $1000 for midwifes plus $1000 from district grant
  • $1500 for pod cast equipment plus $1500 from district grant.    
The Indian New Year is still set to go on the 28th of November at the Sorento in One Tree Hill. Maximum ticket sales bet 220 at the cost of $100.00 per ticket. Ticket sales will not be an issue but I urge members to help look for Auction and Raffle items. This will reduce the burden on Harjeet and his committee.
Ronald Chen has out lined a number of community projects that we   could do as joint projects. They look great and he will do more investigation on these and give us details.
Please see below for the Polio Plus update:
Please also help Ronald with the wine sales. List and prices have come through the email.
Thanks once again for being at the meeting and your contributions.
Vidya Nand
The zoom link for this Wednesday's meeting is as follows:
Meeting ID: 869 3094 0153
Club Calendar
12//08/2020WednesdayGuest Speaker - Simon Wilson - Senior writer NZ HeraldRNZYSCancelled, COVID Lockdown
19/08/2020WednesdaySpeech contest 5.30pm to 7.30pmSouthern CrossCancelled, Zoom meeting
26/08/2020WednesdayClub's 26th Birthday CelebrationGrand Harbour Chinese RestaurantCancelled, Zoom meeting
25/08/2020TuesdayBoard meetingAbhai's homeZoom meeting
2/09/2020WednesdayProjects Evening / Club Speaker Johnny CheungRNZYS 
9/09/2020WednesdayGuest Speaker - Director General  - Jeff Liu Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Auckland RNZYS 
16/09/2020WednesdayClubs BirthdayTBC 
23/09/2020WednesdayFellowship/SocialTBCSuggestion - Pot luck dinner at a members home??
29/09/2020WednesdayBoard meetingVidya's home 
30/09/2020WednesdayHands-on Community projectTBCto be arranged
7/10/2020WednesdayProjects evening / Club SpeakerRNZYS 
14/10/2020WednesdayGuest speaker  
21/10/2020WednesdayClub AssemblyRNZYS 
28/10/2020WednesdayMembership eveningTBAHarjeet/Rajiv
27/10/2020TuessdayBoard meetingVidya's home 
4/11/2020WednesdayGuest SpeakerRNZYS 
11/11/2020WednesdayProject eveningRNZYS 
18/11/2020WednesdayFellowship/social evening  
25/11/2020WednesdayClub AGM - New Board of  PE Joyti SinghRNZYS 
24/11/2020TuesdayBoard meeting Joyti's home 
28/11/2020SaturdayIndian New Year Charity Dinner  
2/12/2020WednesdayNo meeting in lieu of  INY  
9/12/2020WednesdayProjects evening / Club SpeakerRNZYS 
16/12/2020WednesdayClub Christmas Event - Last meeting for the yearRNZYS 
Epsom Lodge - “The Undie 1000”
This project is in the early stages, involving Newmarket and Parnell Rotary Clubs. Its objective is to fund the procurement of underwear for the 240 men and 40 women who come through Epsom Lodge annually. A new program, warmly known as The Undie 1000, a take on the “Indy 500”.
Many of them arrive with only the clothes they are wearing and the lack of clean underwear can be embarrassing as well as being a health concern. Newmarket has already pledged funding support on an annual basis and a call for donations of underwear has been sought from Bendon, NZ.
Our club can get in behind this great cause in that we won't be doing a breakfast this year for the lodge.
Please see Gill for more details.
Johnny Cheung
Our Member Johnny gave a introduction about himself and his relationship to Rotary last Wednesday 
I joined Rotary in 2019, thank you for Jennie & Donald and my mum for the connection.
Family Immigrate Move to NZ in 1995, have 1 elder sister(psychologist in Sydney) and younger brother (engineer in Singapore).
Always grew up in the east, went to pigeon mountain primary , Bucklands Beach intermediate and Macleans college.
Always enthusiastic about sport, specially soccer. As I still play once to twice a week. At one stage,  I received a professional contact from a soccer club. But as an Asian family, this won’t happened. I chose going into university of Auckland and study bachelor of commerce.
I went back to Hong Kong in 2005. As growing up in a textile garment manufacturing family.   I entered my father’s company and work for 1 year.  And soon I transfer to a bigger company outside and work as a merchandiser for 4 years. This was a big change in my life, I really worked hard and know about the whole process of the clothing/ garment world.   we were the main manufacturer of j.crew,   (just file for bankruptcy in April, now in Chapter 11).
In the 5 years, I spent time living in Hong Kong, Macau, New York and China. I learn a lot about life and see many different types of politics/games in big and small companies from customers to supplier.
In 2011,  at that time, I thought I had enough of the merchandising role. (boring) Not long after I started my own company acting as a trading company. Where I connected with different brands in New York and manufacture with my supplier in China. However after 2-3 years, the world has completely changed in the garment world.  China has open so much at that time. Most of the brands will go directly to factories.  As my business ideas is not working well. It was a down time for me.  And I didn’t want to get involve with garments and clothings.  At that time I do miss NZ life very much, and my mum and brother were still in NZ. Then I’ve decided to come back to NZ and restart.
First thing I thought of NZ was food (because I love food very much).  I started exporting seafood back into Asia.
However we all know NZ is a small market that limited in supply and demand. 
And  eventually I have connected with my Asian network.  And these few years I got into food business between Singapore and NZ.    And also became a distributor for the world’s largest truffle brand from Italy Sabatino for NZ, Singapore and Maldives.
Enough of work.
At the time living in Hong Kong, in my spare time,  I always involve with some volunteer and charity work when I have free time, such as YMCA, retirement home etc.  Helping different people with different needs.  And some charity work for some school fundraising.
We could not get into Rotary or Lions club in HK, as you all know, you need to pay a lot to help with charity work.    But now I have a chance to volunteer in some charity work .
And recently I just found out Rotary is heavily involve with Polio.   Because my father has Polio when he was very young, before 10 years old I think.   He was very poor back in the days, he grew up in a village with my aunt in Hong Kong. He has to come out and work before graduating primary to pay for hospital bill..   He always told me the hospital save his life. Since then he donates a certain amount to the hospital.
My father is my role model, he certainly not well educated. But us learn so much from him,  from his manner, way to treat people, his kind hearted , his business skills and so much more.   He started his printing and textile factory when he was 17, and still running now.
Masks by Shushila
I selling them for $12: each $2 is to the club 
Environmentally friendly, R-useable many times. 100% cotton, double layer face home made mask. Hand or machine wash in laundry bag. 
I do make kids mask too 6 to 12 years old $6 each $1 goes for the club. The a,b ,c is for Adults and 1,2,3 is kids 
This us my bank details BNZ S. Jaduram 02-0112-0111856-083
Rotary Centennial Book "Mana Tagata'
District Conference plan is going well. We had committee meetings yesterday & this morning.
Centennial Cocktail is on Friday 18 June 2021 & One day District Conference on Saturday 19 June 2021.
DG is encouraging and would like each club to order at least one carton of 12 books or may be two cartons of the Centennial Book.
Please find attached form for your perusal.
Our club members are passionate and we are positive that we will support this project in Rotary spirit.
I leave this to the board & the president to take it further.
Gift Vouchers for mothers and whanau in hardship
Purpose of the project:
The Auckland Branch of NZCOM [NZ College of Midwives], which is the professional body of Midwives working in the Auckland Region from Warkworth in the north to Franklin District, and its surrounds in the South.  Lead Maternity Caregivers [LMC], who provide direct care to women and families of this region, are very aware of issues providing for some families, particularly in South Auckland.  Many are struggling to provide food for their families as well as basic living, and with a new baby to contend with as well.  With COVID-19, instead of resting for a day or two in hospital, which is the norm, they are choosing early discharge - soon after birth. 
How will this project meet the needs of the community:
To provide for the nutrition of new mothers and their whanau [family], and to assist with the purchase of nappies which are a big expense for families.
Due to the effects of CV19, there is much more hardship with loss of jobs, resulting in  income loss.  This financial hardship combined with already constrained resources and in some instances, overcrowding, puts another layer of stress and anxiety onto families trying to just provide basic living for survival.  It is also at a time of year when chest infections/colds/flue become problematic.  New Born babies are also at higher risk of developing bronchiolitis, which in turn requires hospitalisation. 
Mothers with insufficient diet are unable to breast feed their babies properly to prevent these infections and this compounds the problem.
Rotarians kindness and generosity will touch many women and their family’s lives.
A grocery voucher will be hugely beneficial & appreciated by the most neediest of our families. 20 x $100 would be $2000 regardless of banner (New World, Pak n Save or Four Square) mix and match.